Reverse Engineering Printed Wiring Board Software

Reverse Engineering Printed Wiring Board Software

When Reverse Engineering Printed Wiring Board, no matter what kind of Printed Wiring Board design software you are about to use, each one of them will have the automatic copper clad functions which has played an important role in the Reverse Engineering Printed Wiring Board technology. The necessity of Copper clad process has several reasons:

1; one of the greatest advantages of copper clad is low down the impedance value in the ground line when Reverse Engineering Printed Wiring Board (the majority of grounding impedance was brought by the so call anti-inteference), there are great amount of peak pulse current exist in the digital circuit, as a result of that, it seems more necessary to bring down the impedance from the grounding, it is commonly believe that the Printed Wiring Board which constituted by digital circuit parts should have copper clad in great size, as for analog circuit, the grounding revert route generated by copper clad will cause decoupling interference in the process of Reverse Engineering Printed Wiring Board, it is certainly the lost outweight the gain. Consequently, not everyone of the Printed Wiring Board will require copper clad when reverse engineering it. By the way, copper clad with network shape has better effect than large area of copper clad.

Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd. offers complete product life cycle support for Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering, PCB Clone, PWB Copy, Printed Wiring Board Duplicate, PCB Card Replicate in the Medical, Industrial, Automotive, and Public Safety market segments. Our electronics design and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) core focus is vital in the creation of durable products that require high reliability. These products perform exceptionally well in even the most challenging environments.

At Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd, we value our eletronic design and reverse engineering customers and their unique needs and expectations. Our customer focus and dedication to unparalleled excellence in PCB design, clone and manufacturing, has resulted in proven success in the PCB Reverse Engineering industry.

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The Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd is proud to have engineering and manufacturing facilities to support our customers. Our innovative PCB Replication processes are performed at six (6) worldwide locations. These facilities are optimized for PCB duplication capabilities in:

PCB Reverse Engineering
Microcontroller Extraction
Component Procurement
PCB Manufacturing Prototypes
New Product Development
New Product Introduction (NPI)
Supply Chain Management
Contract Manufacturing
Complete System Assembly
Test Development
Repair and Reverse Logistics Services

With extensive electronics design and innovative manufacturing capabilities, Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd is able to execute to the highest quality and reliability expectations in the PCB Reverse Engineering industry.



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