Printed Wiring Board Clone

Printed Wiring Board Clone


PRINTED WIRING BOARD CLONE means not only duplication but also include extract the embedded firmware from encrypted microcontroller, reverse engineering printed wiring board schematic diagram, compile the BILL OF MATERIAL, as well as printed wiring board modification and re-layout, etc.

Reverse engineering printed wiring board schematic diagram:

Schematic diagram is a drawing constituted by a series of electronic and electrical signals for analyzing the circuit principle. It plays an indispensible role in the process of printed wiring board debugging, repair and maintenance, modification. Some customers who require clone service will also request it. It is the inverse operation of Printed wiring board layout in which schematic will come first follow by layout. However the schematic is acquired from reverse engineering layout or GERBER of Printed wiring board clone, for the convenience of subsequent electronic product technical analysis and prototype debugging and upgrading.

Compile BILL OF MATERIAL list:

In the process of Printed wiring board clone, BOM and each component’s orientation, SMD coordinate graphs are all necessary steps for incoming prototype soldering, SMT and complete prototype design and assemble. BOM is the basic datasheet of electronic component sourcing, it record all the necessary components, modules and other special parts. The most important thing is ensure all the parameters inside the BOM are all precise after get it from Printed wiring board clone process. Since any parameter mistake will affect the preciseness of sourcing work even cause the failure of whole project.

Printed wiring board modification:

Printed wiring board modification is a related concept of clone, it means to adjust the circuit diagram extract from clone process and re-layout the GERBER FILE to add the original Printed wiring board new functions. Speed up the product upgrading cycle and satisfy customer’s customized requirement.

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