Process of Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering

Process of Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering


Notes in the process of PCB Reverse Engineering

General rules for Double Side Printed Circuit Board Reverse Engineering:

The bottom side of Printed Circuit Board is the grounding layer which provide the shielding layer and reference plane for the top layer Printed Circuit Board reverse engineering;

1 Keep on avoiding the adjacent signal layers neighbor to one another;

2 The main power supply should neighbor with the corresponding ground layers;

3 pay attention to the paired lay-up structure;

As for the mother board layer arrangement of Printed Circuit Board reverse engineering, it is difficult to control the parallel layout with long distance on it when reverse engineering Printed Circuit Board. as for those boards with working frequency higher than 50Mhz, please follow the below suggestion:

Component side and soldering side should be the complete ground plane for the purpose of shielding;

No parallel adjacent layout layer;

All of the signals layer should neighbor with the ground layer;

Critical signal should neighbor with ground layer without any physical separation;

Notes: as for the installation of multilayer Printed Circuit Board, flexible arrangement must be made according to above rules when reverse engineering, for example, for the four layers Printed Circuit Board reverse engineering, there are totally 3 solutions, optimal solution is No.1

S—-Signal layer

G—Ground layer

P—Power supply layer


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