Printed Circuit Board Clone Engineering

Printed Circuit Board Clone Engineering


Printed Circuit Board Clone Engineering recommendations include below points:

First of all is Product improvement after printed circuit board clone:

Inadequate data from printed circuit board clone:  The items, as documented during the printed circuit board clone process, may not have been previously considered for product improvement because of inadequate data.

2nd is the Printed Circuit Board Clone Engineering evaluation: Using the new data developed during the printed circuit board clone process, an engineering evaluation may be conducted and product improvements made.

3rd comes the Product reliability of printed circuit board clone: Remember, it may not be in the best interest of the current supplier(s) to improve the reliability of their products, thus reducing the requirements. Examples of areas with product improvement potential are:

a. Bearings operating beyond manufacturers recommendations,

b. Electronic components operating at peak capacity;

c. Use of inadequate materials and protective coatings,

d. Use of older technology, and

e. Use of non-standard components.

the supreme court has already proclaimed the business secret or intellectual property obtained from self-research or through clone printed circuit board don’t belong to the unfair competition action. Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd has commited to Reverse Engineering technology research and service for over two decades. and have ever reverse engineering then clone or copy the electronic printed circuit board from different industries, as well as the pcb board manufacture and prototype building. and we have great advantage over the printed circuit board clone cycle control, research and development as well as the cost analysis.

Nowadays, electronic products are being updated in fast speed; and printed circuit board clone from our company in the base of completely master the traditional PCB structure or its basic circuit, furthermore, is base upon the self research and development, include the software upgrade and product second phase development; and we will dedicate to clone PCB with 100% exact the same functions as original sample given by the same time, we also decrease the PCB reverse engineering cycle refers to the pcb board with blind or buried vias, effectively save customer time and energy, low down its cost. and which is also one of the reasons for us to be favor by most of our clients.


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