PCB Clone Definition & Company Introduction

PCB Clone Definition & Company Introduction


PCB CLONE, within the industry we also call it PCB Board clone, printed circuit board clone, PCB Card clone, PCB reverse engineering. Refers to the definition of it, there are many ways of in the industry and academy, but none of them is complete. If there is any definition we can signify to PCB clone, that is in the pretext of existence of physical electronic product or physical electronic printed circuit board, through reverse engineering research and development technology to analyze PCB Board and extract the PCB Gerber file, BOM (bill of material), schematic diagram from existing PCB board according to 100% 1:1 ratio. And then use these design files and production data to produce PCB board, source components and assemble. Flying probe test and functionality test and complete the whole process of PCB CLONE. Since all the electronic products are all constituted by different kinds of PCB boards which control the core parts. As a result of that, through the application of PCB CLONE technology and process, we can extract any kinds of electronic product’s data and specification of PCB board by which the product can be cloned or replicated.

Circuit Engineering CO.,LTD can clone PCB and extract the producible Gerber File; we can also convert the Printed circuit board Gerber File to any other PCB software format include POWERPRINTED CIRCUIT, PROTEL99, PADS2000.,etc. We can also help customer clone pcb board schematic diagram, package diagram, BOM list and outsource the PCB manufacture include prototype and mass production. Additional, second phase development of PCB in view of customer requirement is available.  Microwave hyperthermia PCB CLONE and its second phase development is another successful case our company has in this industry.

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