Component Layout in the PCB Board Reverse Engineering

Component Layout in the PCB Board Reverse Engineering

Component Layout in the PCB Board Reverse Engineering

A well performed device, except the high quality component selection, reasonable PCB board layout, optimized components layout and preferred structure design in the electrical/electronic orientation can determine if the device can work in a reliable situation after PCB Board Reverse Engineering. As for the PCB board with same components and parameters, the functionality result could be quite difference due to the different combination and arrangement of component layout design and electrical orientation. As a result of that, when PCB Board Reverse Engineering, it is quite necessary to take the correct PCB board components layout, circuit tracks orientation and mechanic structure of instrument into consideration. Since a reasonable mechanical structure, can not only eliminate the noise interference generated from the inappropriate layout, but also bring great convenience for the assembly, debugging and maintenance, etc after PCB Board Reverse Engineering.

Since there is no limitation and definition for the good structure, so each one of the instruments must constructed by electrical functionality, whole set structure installation and panel layout to apply the corresponding layout design solution in the process of PCB Board Reverse Engineering, and prepare several selectable options for comparison and modification.

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