PCB Board Clone Service Introduction

PCB Board Clone Service Introduction


Our main job is clone existing PCB BOARD, manufacture the PCB BOARD after clone, replace electronic parts and compile BOM (Bill Of Material) and extract schematic diagram. It includes clone the single unit PCB BOARD or clone the whole set of PCB BOARDs, etc.

In the PCB BOARD clone industry, we have over decades of experience, and have clone working experience on different kinds of PCB BOARD from great variety of industries as well as the experience for prototype manufacturing. Great advantage has been obtained regarding PCB BOARD clone cycle control, difficult technology research as well as the cost analysis and reduction plan.

Nowadays, the cycle of electronic product upgrade is short and our engineers are all increasing the research and develop capability accompany with the new technology upgrade and update on the basis of completely engaged in traditional PCB BOARD structure model and basic circuit.

We should spare no effort to ensure the PCB BOARD we clone are all 100% same with the original sample, meanwhile effectively decrease the clone cycle especially for those projects with embed buried or blind vias in consequently reduce customer time and low down budget.

In the course of PCB BOARD clone, combine with the most advanced design software and technology, we can manufacture the perfect prototype, during which different kinds of software can be generated includes POWER PCB, PROTEL99SE, PAD2000, etc. maybe the PCB BOARD you clone will require the schematic diagram and bill of material, we can also provide them as your request.

In case the PCB BOARD you want to clone has a very old age and all the components on it are all phased out, you can also find us since our engineers can suggest you the best and available substitute for your product.

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