Circuit Card Clone History

Circuit Card Clone History


Circuit card clone has a very long history and it was firstly traced from eighty of last century, when the western countries were all committed to the development of high science and technology, different kinds of high end electronic product being generated gradually and being widely applied in the different industries. The product designers has the ownership of whole set of development solution include circuit card, and naturally monopolize the electronic product include the circuit card intellectual property and some of them even raised the price balefully to maximum the profit. Under this circumstance, some marketer intend to break this monopolization and encroach the market share, and try to clone the product include circuit card. Reverse engineering these products and that was what so call circuit card clone came from.

Circuit card clone concept firstly was raised from eighty of last century and it belongs to the branch of reverse engineering science and technology. After 30 year’s development, circuit card clone has become a world-wide industry which serves global electronic industry development. More and more people start to emphasize on this industry and increasing number of small and medium size of companies be empowered to compete with other big brand companies through the application of circuit card clone technology. Accompany with the development of circuit card clone technology, there are a series of authorized laboratories have emerged around the world which not only help to bring down the service fee but also promote the whole industry technology and better service.

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