Printed Circuit Board Replication Components

Position the cursor over the center of pin 1 and press the left button to load the data into the buffer if printed circuit board replication. Finally select “convert buffer to element” from the Buffer menu. You’ll only want to create elements this way if they aren’t already in the library. It’s also probably...

Electronic PCB Card Cloning Line Stack

In the process of electronic pcb card cloning, The line-stack and element-buffer of former releases have been replaced by 5 (possibly more or less if changed at compile time with the MAX_BUFFER variable in ‘globalconfig.h’) multipurpose buffers that are selected by Shift<Key>1..MAX BUFFER before electronic pcb card cloning. The status line shows which buffer is...

Printed Circuit Board Duplication

In the process of printed circuit board duplication, All objects can be moved including element-names, by <Btn2Down>, dragging the pointer while holding the button down and releasing it at the new location of the object. If you use Mod1<Btn2Down> instead, the object is copied. printed circuit board duplication does not work for element-names of...

Electronic PC Board Reverse Engineering

Electronic PC Board Reverse Engineering now has support for device drivers, PostScript, encapsulated PostScript, and Gerber RS-274-X drivers are available so far. The Gerber RS-274-X driver additionally generates a numerical control (NC) drill file for automated drilling, a bill of materials file to assist in materials procurement and inventory control when electronic pc board...