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PCB Clone technology, cost and marketing reason,  customers will normally proceed the analysis of PCB clone before any further movement, so we will analyze the whole PCB for our customer before they finally decide if it really proceed the clone or not.

After the evaluation of PCB Reverse Engineering from technology and cost aspect, we will start to quote the budget of reverse engineering service which include the supply of PCB gerber file, layout, bill of material information and schematic diagram .”

PCB Copy process include PCB manufacture from the gerber file attained by copy process, source identical or subsititute electronic and mechanic parts and assemble them together onto the PCB, finally perform the functionality test for unique copy unique PCB.





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PCB Clone Research is necessary to proceed the subsequent project refers to the availability of electronic components mounted on it, the feasibility of Microcontroller Crack in order to get the embedded firmware and budget of clone PCB board single unit or mass production unit compare with selling price and profit, market for each electronic device is varying rapidly and drastically due to the requirement of customers as well as the technology upgrade;



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PCB Reverse Engineering development include the manufacture of bare PCB board, source required components include positive and negative parts, programming the microcontroller with extracted firmware from Flash and Eeprom zone, assemble these parts include hand soldering and automatic surface mount technology onto the PCB Board and then do the electrical test and functionality test under the expected working environment;



We provide PCB Copy consulting service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for our valued customers or prospects, refers to the availability of PCB Copy project and cost effect of economies…Except copy the original PCB layout and reverse engineering its schematic diagram from its layout, modify and optimize the Layout of current PCB copy is also one of our most advanced technology to avoid the intellectual patent infringement or functionality modulation;